OTDT Journalist Prize

OTDT Journalist Prize

OTDT Journalist Prize

The OTDT Journalist Prize was founded by the Council in order to raise social awareness of higher-education talent management and to promote the success of TDK.

The prize can be awarded to journalists, editors or media figures whose work contributes to the wider publicity of the purposes and results of TDK and who endeavour to provide accurate information about student research events in the Hungarian media. In other words, to journalists who do justice to the significance of TDK in their articles, whether in print or digital form.

Since 2011, the year it was first awarded, the prize has been presented biennially to one journalist after each National Conference.

Selection criteria and process: based on the nominations of the 16 Professional Committees of the Council and the Chief Executive Board (President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary) it is the Executive Board that makes the final decision on the recipient.

The decision of the Executive Board is authorised by the President of the Council, who also signs the certificate accompanying the prize, which itself comes in the form of an OTDT Golden Badge.

The prize is given by the President of the Council during a ceremony in the ceremonial hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The President of the Academy, distinguished representatives of the ministry responsible for education, prominent figures of Hungarian academia and the Executive Board of the Council are also present at the event.

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